Our Product

A breakthrough for paint trays which will definitely save you time, paint and money.

This is a paint tray with a rubber gasket and easy clip-on cover to prevent your paint and roller from drying during your paint application process. The tray itself is clear which makes it easy to identify the color of your paint. The tray is also non-stick so you don’t have to use a paint liner. Additionally the tray also serves as a paint saver, so you don’t have to return the paint in the can. It is made of a heavy duty plastic; therefore, you can re-use it for years to come.

It’s built to last. Paint Tray Solutions are made with polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer which is one of the most versatile materials which can withstand wear and tear. Polypropylene plastics does not react with acids, detergents, water or bases, thus it doesn’t break down easily. It is also resistant to crackling and repetitive stress.

It’s stackable. Paint Tray Solutions cover has a groove for stacking which minimizes your storage space.

It’s’ rubberized opening prevents the paint roller form drying, so you can leave the roller inside.


Save Paint
Many of us just throw out the leftover paint from the regular paint tray when our paint application process is interrupted thinking that it will dry up anyway, many use Ziploc or plastic wrap and many of us even put everything in the refrigerator to keep the paint and paint tools fresh. Paint Tray Solutions is the only solution for saving that paint and keeping your paint roller and brushes fresh until you are ready to resume your paint project. By eliminating the need to transfer leftover paint from a regular paint to the can in between your rest interval, you already saving a lot of paint.

Save Time
You are saving time by not needing to wash your paint roller, brush and tray, by minimizing the transfer or paint back to the can. Because of it’s unique feature Paint Tray Solutions can redeem a part of your time spend on more important matters.

Save Money
You are saving hundreds of gallons of water that you would use when washing off your paint tools and at the same time, you are also being environmentally friendly by minimizing toxic biocides into your drain which may spew some health damaging chemicals. You are saving money by curtailing the use and purchase of paint liners, paint brushes/rollers and of course paint. Contractors and facility maintenance, (i.e. hotel industry, hospitals, apartment buildings etc.) can save money by reducing labor costs.